Six Good Reasons to Hire Security for Your Next Event

The invitations have been sent out, or ticket sales are in progress. You’ve booked the venue, entertainment and food vendors. You have a lot on your plate right now, but don’t forget to look into hiring security guards for your event. If you are planning a big event and concerned about the safety and security of your attendees, then the following information is for you.

Below is a list of six good reasons to hire an experienced security guard company for event security in Mohave County, AZ:

  • Crowd management: Anyone who has arranged a large-scale event knows things can get chaotic quickly if there’s a lack of appropriate crowd management in place. Violence of any level is not welcome, but it may happen—and the chances of violence increase more if alcohol is served at your event. Guests may get drunk and start fights—and fights are hard enough to deal with at alcohol-free events. In most cases, the mere presence of security guards can help control crowds.
  • Avoid gate-crashers: The majority of large events are by invitation or ticket purchase only. This is how event capacity is monitored. The headcount also may determine the type and number of vendors allowed to participate. That said, one of the main reasons for hiring security services for your event is to keep the space clear of uninvited guests. Security guards stationed at all entry points is a way to catch gate-crashers, whether or not the person’s intentions are well meaning.
  • Meet the venue’s safety requirements: Depending on the venue you choose to book for your event, there may be certain safety and security requirements in place. This is typical when alcoholic beverages are on site. The venue wants you to have security guards ready to break up fights and deal with other types of troublemaking.
  • Quick response to incidences: When a crime or accident happens at your event, you’ll be glad to have trained personnel nearby. Experienced event security guards will know how to handle a wide range of situations, be it a fire, robbery, fight or terrorist attack. They will do what is best to protect event guests.
  • Ensure the safety of high-profile guests: Events that plan to have high-profile visitors must hire a reliable security guard company. Security will take proper safety measures as each guest enters the event, including scanning for weapons, having guests pass through metal detectors and checking invitations. Security guards will be there to keep everyone safe—not just high-profile guests, but event attendees and vendors, too.
  • Keep out uninvited media: Large events that include VIP guests attract a media presence. They want a story, and your event can give it to them. However, security guards won’t let anyone lacking a formal invitation enter your event, and this includes the media.

If you are planning a big event and want to hire security guards, contact Mohave Security LHC. Our company provides the most reliable security patrol in Mohave County, AZ. Call us today to learn more!

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