What to Ask Before Hiring a Security Guard

You might be wondering if it’s worth it to hire a private security guard company for your home or business. Working with a reliable security company is a great option for safety and security from vandalism, theft and other crimes. Costs vary depending on the type of service you choose. Before you decide what to do, there are a few factors to consider, all of which will help you hire the right security team for your specific needs.

Here are a few things to ask about before hiring a security guard in Mohave County, AZ:

  • Length of experience in the business: First, find out how long the security guard company has been in the industry. The ones with the most experience and time in the security field have established contacts with local authorities, and they are very familiar with the most common types of crimes in the area. Ultimately, experienced security guard companies tend to bring experienced individuals to their team.
  • Business license: One of the first things you should ask a security guard company is whether they possess an updated license. Specifically, make sure they are licensed by the Department of Public Safety, as a licensed security company will carefully screen and document potential employees during the recruiting process. They’ll also send fingerprints and personal information to the Private Security Bureau to perform criminal background checks. If you hire an unlicensed security firm, you put the security of your workplace and employees at risk.
  • Kinds of professional training: Security guards must complete classroom and theoretical training as well as field training before they will be ready to deal with actual threats. The security guard assigned to you should be well trained in all areas of personal and business security—including weapons handling, technology, public interaction, counterterrorism and risk assessment. This ensures the guard can deal with various incidents that may occur on any given day.
  • Armed or unarmed guards: If you aren’t sure whether you need an armed or unarmed security guard, ask your chosen security guard company to review your security needs. When hiring an armed guard, make sure they are fully trained in firearms handling and possess a carry license. Armed guards are more expensive to hire, since the company has to increase its liability insurance and pay for routine weapons training. Because of the higher cost, consider hiring armed guards mostly for big events, concerts or when you also need to hire bodyguards.
  • Employee monitoring: Many—but not all—private security companies monitor their guards. That said, a good security service firm will maintain a strict chain of command with their guards and stay in touch with individuals on duty. Some companies monitor each guard on duty using GPS tracking with automated features that give regular updates. This is a way to ensure the safety of every guard.

Reach out to Mohave Security LHC for detailed information about our patrol services in Mohave County, AZ. We look forward to telling you more about how we can help secure your property!

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