Security Services for Your Shopping Center

Shopping centers attract customers who want to browse an extensive selection of products from many different retailers, but they also attract shoplifters who are looking to steal valuable merchandise. Shoplifting is especially common during busy times, when store associates might be too preoccupied with other customers to notice when someone steals something from the shelves. The good news is that shopping centers can improve security and reduce shoplifting by hiring a patrol service in Mohave County, AZ.

What is a patrol service?

A patrol security service in Mohave County, AZ provides onsite security for businesses and retail facilities, including shopping centers. The specific role of patrol services varies depending on the needs of the client, but patrol services generally monitor retail centers to identify and put a stop to criminal activity, including shoplifting. Patrol services can also monitor video feeds in stores to prevent shoplifting. In addition, some patrol services offer bag checks to ensure no stolen merchandise leaves retail stores.

How to choose a patrol service

If you want to hire a patrol service in Mohave County, AZ, but you aren’t sure which company to go with, consider a few essential factors:

  • Emergency response: In the event of an emergency, it’s important to have a patrol service with the ability to respond quickly and effectively. Before hiring a patrol service, ask about emergency procedure and make sure that the company offers 24/7 assistance to help in the event of a break-in or other after-hours incident.
  • Specific offerings: Security companies offer different services and specialize in different areas, so it’s important to start with a thorough consultation before making a hiring decision. Ask about what a security company offers and how they can address the concerns you have for your specific business. This offers valuable insight into the kinds of benefits different security services can provide.
  • Training: In addition to standard security services and training, some patrol officers have additional training that can be very beneficial. Special training for defense, emergency response, fire safety, workplace violence or management of aggressive behavior can all be incredibly useful for businesses in emergency situations. Ask about special training to find out about some of the specific benefits a patrol service has to offer.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism is crucial for patrol officers. It’s important to hire a patrol service that prioritizes professional behavior, clear communication and positive attitudes while providing security service in a retail store. Because patrol officers will likely be working closely with you and your employees, it’s essential that you find a service provider that emphasizes customer service and professionalism.

Patrol security service in Mohave County, AZ

If you’re looking for a professional patrol security service in Mohave County, AZ to work at your shopping center, reach out to Mohave Security LHC. We are committed to providing comprehensive security services that our clients can rely on to protect their businesses from crime and provide them with better peace of mind. No matter what your specific concerns or goals may be, our team is here to help. Give us a call to arrange a consultation based on your security needs and the specifics of your business.

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