How Security Guards Prevent and Deter Crime

Retail business owners have a lot on their plate, from purchasing new merchandise to managing payroll for employees. Unfortunately, one of the things that causes the most stress for business owners is the risk of shoplifting and other criminal activity in the store. Not only does shoplifting lead to losses, it can also make employees feel unsafe and distracted at work and prevent them from attending to the needs of paying customers.

The good news is that there’s an option out there for business owners who are looking to improve security and create a better working environment: hiring a patrol service in Mohave County, AZ.

Why hire security guards?

Hiring a patrol service or armed security guards in Mohave County, AZ can be expensive, so a lot of business owners hesitate to make the decision to invest in security services. However, the reality is that the benefits of security guards can actually outweigh the costs. Not only do security guards intercept shoplifters, they also provide crime deterrence in general. This can save store owners hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month on stolen merchandise, depending on the industry. Here are a few of the ways that security guards can prevent and deter crime in retail stores:

  • Visible security presence: A guard serves as a visible security presence in a retail store. When people pass by or enter the store, they will notice that a security guard is on duty. People are much less likely to attempt to shoplift from a store if they are aware that there are security guards present and paying attention.
  • Monitoring: In addition to patrolling a store, security guards also take other proactive steps to prevent theft and shoplifting. Security guards might monitor video streams from different areas in the store to make sure nobody takes anything without being detected. In addition, security guards can perform bag checks to screen for stolen merchandise before customers leave a store. Regardless of your particular security plan, a security guard can work with you to make sure you receive the monitoring necessary to protect your store from theft and other criminal activity.
  • Responding to crime: If a crime takes place in your store, a security guard can work with local law enforcement to make sure the culprit is located and held accountable. It can be difficult to find a person who shoplifts from a retail store, but the monitoring services patrol officers provide can give local law enforcement the information they need to find the person who committed the crime and, in many cases, recover the stolen merchandise.

Patrol service in Mohave County, AZ

If you’re interested in hiring a patrol service or armed security guards in Mohave County, AZ, reach out to Mohave Security LHC. We’ve been providing private security services to customers throughout the community for over a decade. As a family owned and operated security company, we are committed to the quality of our services and the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Find out more about how we can help keep your business secure by giving us a call today.

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