Why Armed Security Guards May Serve Your Needs Best

Hiring a security service is one thing, but when it comes time to decide between armed or unarmed guards, some clients flounder. What’s the difference, and what might it mean for your home or business? The best way to make the choice is to learn more about why some people choose one service over the other. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of armed security guards in Mohave County, AZ:

  • Better appearance of authority: Like the police, there’s a certain amount of authority that armed guards have, simply because they’re equipped with weapons. You’ve probably heard people refer to security guards as “rent-a-cops,” among other names—many people think that security guards are less authoritative when they’re unarmed. Armed security guards (which can include moonlighting police officers) not only offer a physical presence as a deterrent, but their weapons also show that they mean business. While guards will do everything in their power not to have to use weapons, it is an additional safeguard for high-value property, products or people in the public eye. For would-be criminals, knowing guards are armed makes your building a less desirable target, as most thieves and vandals go for crimes of opportunity.
  • More comprehensive and ongoing training: Because carrying weapons (especially firearms) comes with inherent risks, security services must ensure that their guards are well-trained in how to use weapons, when it’s legal to use them and in what way. They also have to undergo strict background checks to ensure it’s legal for them to wield firearms or other weapons. It’s not just weapons training, however—they’re also taught how to deescalate conflict, how to use hand-to-hand combat when necessary and what to do when an intoxicated or otherwise impaired person causes an issue. When you’re considering armed security guards, make sure you ask the company how, when and why their guards are trained. The answers will help you select the most responsible and reputable company.
  • Can be used for a variety of businesses or properties: Armed guards aren’t just for banks or other high-value properties. They can also be used for public figures, event control and other situations where less-than-upstanding people might try to take advantage for personal gain. When you interview potential security companies, be sure to ask what kind of jobs their armed guards work, why and if they have any additional concerns or suggestions you might not have considered. Armed guards aren’t right for every situation, but they’re a versatile service.
  • Makes others feel safer: Finally, having armed guards on your premises tends to make employees and customers feel a lot safer. If your employees are working somewhere like a bank, knowing that there’s a trusted guard on hand to help deescalate conflict—and protect them, if necessary—can go a long way toward making others feel safe and valued.

Whatever your reasons for hiring a security guard service in Mohave County, AZ, consider one that offers armed guards. Depending on your needs, they’re a smart, safe choice that can pay dividends. Call Mohave Security LHC to get started.

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