Here’s How Security Guards Can Help with Customer Service

When many people think of a security officer, they only imagine someone who patrols a facility looking out for any signs of trouble. But these officers actually serve a much greater purpose—they’re fantastic customer service representatives.

Keep reading to learn how security guards help others.

How do security guards help others?

Stationing a guard near your entrance or having a few guards roaming around your facility can be a great benefit to customers and guests. Here are a few of the ways they can serve:

  • Greet customers: Your employees are busy running around, so they might not always have time to greet every individual customer. Essentially getting the cold shoulder while walking into a store can really turn some customers off. That’s where a security guard steps in. By greeting customers, your guard will provide a fantastic first impression of your store.
  • Offer helpful information: Customers who come into your store needing directions or help finding an item can get frustrated if nobody’s around to answer their questions. Ideally, you’d have a staff member at the front desk to answer any questions. But just like with greeting customers, that’s not always possible. Stationing a friendly security officer by the door can help answer any questions new customers have.
  • Assist in an emergency: In the event of a fire or some other emergency, your security officer is your go-to resource in assisting customers and all employees. Your officer can provide escape instructions or even lead the way in getting everyone safely outside. An on-site security officer is a must-have if you want to ensure your safety at all times.

What does a security patrol officer do?

A patrol officer wears a number of different hats besides helping others. Here are a few of the other duties an officer can serve:

  • Protect property, customers and employees: Your patrol officer’s main duty is to watch out over your entire property. Guards are trained to be vigilant and look out for any suspicious activity. Reputable security guard companies ensure their officers are trained in CPR and basic first aid in an emergency.
  • Improve staff attitudes: An on-site security guard gives staff members peace of mind knowing they’re protected against threats—but hiring a guard goes one step further in improving morale. Employees often act more friendly and professional towards one another when there’s an officer around because they don’t want to seem suspicious.
  • Encourage more business: If customers know they’ll be greeted by a friendly, helpful face when walking onto your property, they’re much more likely to return and continue doing business with you. What’s more, they may also tell their peers about the wonderful experience you provide.

Do you need a security officer?

If your facility still doesn’t have a security officer on-site on a regular basis, now is the time to think about hiring one. Reach out to Mohave Security LHC today to get an estimate for our patrol services or to learn more about what a security patrol officer does.