How to Keep Your Shopping Center Safe This Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, shopping malls across the nation will start getting more crowded—and with more crowds comes more opportunities for thefts, vandalism and injuries. The best way to prevent a disaster is with a team of security officers.

Continue reading to learn why security is important in a mall and how you can prepare for the holiday season madness.

Why is security important in a mall?

Malls are known to be chaotic places, particularly during the holiday season. Having a security plan in place is crucial to protect all shoppers, employees, merchandise and mall facilities. Without a security plan or stationed officers around, both shopping and working at your mall could be a nightmare.

How do you keep your shop secure?

With proper planning, you can prevent thefts this holiday season while keeping all patrons and employees safe. Here are a few of the ways to keep your store safe:

  • Get a security risk assessment: The top way to prepare your store for the season is by hiring a team to perform a security risk assessment. This professional evaluation will determine weaknesses in your shop’s security and provide insights into how to correct them.
  • Install security cameras: Strategically placing security cameras in your store helps identify shoplifters after a theft, but they can also be beneficial in preventing robberies in the first place. Patrons are much less likely to cause problems if they know they’re being watched.
  • Deploy security guards early: If you’re hosting a Black Friday sale, be sure to have your security guards come to your shop at least two or three hours before you open. Stationing guards early can keep any unruly folks in check and help control the madness when you open the doors.
  • Control the number of customers: For both security and health reasons, we recommend limiting the number of customers in your store at one time. Your security guards can help count the number of people entering and exiting your store to ensure your shop doesn’t get overcrowded this season.
  • Plan displays from an anti-theft perspective: Expensive or highly-priced items should never be displayed near exits where they can be picked up and carried out. Keep all displays near registers or around your officers’ patrol areas.
  • Prevent theft with floor walkers: Security guards stationed at the front of the store can stop anyone who tries to flee after a robbery. But if you want to prevent shoplifting in the first place, have a few guards on the floor roaming around. They’ll keep a lookout for any would-be thieves and deter them from acting.

Hire your security officers now

Don’t wait until the last second to hire armed or unarmed guards—talk to our team at Mohave Security LHC. We only employ trained and reputable security guards with years of experience, so you can trust that your property will be safe under their watch. Contact us today to learn more about how to keep your shop secure with a security officer.