The Different Types of Security Patrol

Safety is paramount whether you are protecting your home, business, or enterprise. Security guards can give you the extra peace of mind you need when you’re away or sleeping.

However, security companies provide a broad range of patrol types, and you may not be sure which is the most effective choice. This is a list of the various patrol types and why each one might be good for you:

  • Vehicle Patrol: This type of patrol occurs in a vehicle, and the security guard drives around in a dedicated car looking for illegally parked cars, trespassers, and mischievous activity. This type of patrol is most suitable on campuses or large apartment complexes and will be much less effective in a single-story home. 
  • Observation Post Patrols: Observation post patrols have security guards watching the target building or home from some type of station or tower. They may watch from afar with binoculars or similar tools. This type of service might be best in a situation that requires discretion. A beach gathering or extended family outing is one idea of something that this type of service would be great for. 
  • Foot Patrol: Foot patrols are the most common of the security patrol types. The officer walks around on foot, perhaps checks identification, and intervenes during minor disputes. This patrol type is suitable for retail stores and offices within large business complexes. 
  • Cyber Patrol: A cyber patrol usually involves video cameras and computer programs. Security officers who do this work are behind the scenes and off the grid, ensuring operations go smoothly for the establishment. Retail locations are good spots for this type of patrol as well. Stores that have cyber patrols usually have fewer instances of criminal activity within the locations. 
  • Remote Patrol: A remote patrol is an entirely different type of patrol that doesn’t occur in the location being monitored. The reason the patrol is remote usually has to do with the danger level. A location that has a lot of hazardous materials isn’t safe to patrol. Thus, the security company may use something like drones or robots to watch the area. The security officer controls the drones and robots from a remote location but does not get physically involved in patrolling the area himself or herself. Remote patrols aren’t suitable in all circumstances. It’s best to speak to a security company to find out the best option for your home or business. 

How many different types of patrol in security? The number of patrol types varies. Some overlap and some have different names but are the same as other types. 

There is no exact number of patrol types, but you’ll be glad to know there are enough to accommodate all situations. Connect with a security company in your area if you want extra protection for your facility. You and the agent will determine the right service for you during the initial consultation.