How To Make Your Gated Community More Safe

Are gated communities a threat to public safety? Maybe you are worried that your gated community is not secure enough. You moved into a gated community for that extra layer of protection, but maybe you are beginning to feel unsafe. There are many things that can be done to ensure additional security for everyone living in a gated community.

Tips for Making Gated Communities Safer

Here is a security procedure your gated community needs.

Your gated community can do all of the following to ensure every resident feels a lot safer.

Ensure Access Points Are Secured

All property managers should pay special attention to two major access points into their gated community: pedestrian gates and vehicle gates.

Vehicle gates are considered as an area that receives the highest volume of traffic. There are many ways that this access point can be made more secure, including adding a full-time security guard and installing cameras.

For pedestrian gates, property owners should also consider installing surveillance cameras. Additionally, if the gate is left open for a long period of time, sounding an alert is another good way to increase security.

Take Advantage of Technology

Surveillance cameras are a great way to increase security. But, besides cameras, you can consider installing devices that detect motion. These devices can then trigger an alarm, spotlight, or recording. In addition, there could also be staff on duty that can respond to these alerts. It is also important for staff to keep a record of all visitors and vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

Increase in Communication Between Security & Residents

Gated communities should have a good line of communication between the residents and security on duty. Residents should be able to reach out to the security team at any time if they ever notice activity that seems suspicious going on. Residents should be more encouraged to reach out and communicate.

Furthermore, property managers should educate residents by holding meetings or even communicating via email to send out information regarding security guidelines.

Hire 24/7 Security

Another option to keep gated communities safe is to consider hiring security around the clock. This will help reduce the chances of something happening. Security should be available around the clock to respond to necessary issues. Security should also be available to patrol both inside and outside the gated community.

Besides hiring around-the-clock security, property managers should consider only hiring security guards that are trained and experienced. This will help increase the security of any gated community. Experienced security guards will be able to establish guidelines for their other team members. They will even be able to get together with the property manager to establish a process that will take care of such security issues.