What Role Does a Security Guard Play?

What are the duties and responsibilities of security officers? Maybe you are inquiring for yourself because you are thinking of becoming one. If you are considering becoming a security guard, you should be aware of their duties to help you make your choice. After all, you want to be sure that you are making a wise choice for a career.

Duties of a Security Guard

Here are the top 5 duties of security officers.

Discourage Crime From Occurring

Once criminals see that there is an active security guard on duty, they are not as likely to commit any type of crime, whether it is an assault or robbery. Security guards have many responsibilities, but one of them is to deter criminals from actually carrying out a crime. Their goal is to stop a criminal from shoplifting, assaulting, or robbing an establishment.

Reach Out To and Speak to the Police

If an emergency were to occur, security guards would have to contact the police. Security guards are only taught to pay attention to what is happening in their surroundings and collect information that may be essential for police officers when called.

Respond if an Emergency Occurs

Besides reaching out to law enforcement if an emergency occurs, security guards must also actively respond. Since they will know about an emergency immediately, it is their responsibility to respond first. They are able to and trained to help with getting people out safely and other situations that are serious in nature.

Spot Actions That Are Apprehensive

Security guards are also taught to spot things that seem out of the ordinary. For example, if they see a person that looks or even seems as if they are getting ready to commit a crime, they should be able to prevent it from happening. Regular business employees are not trained to do this and shouldn’t be expected to. That is what having security guards is for.

Keep an Eye on Entrances to Business

Security guards can monitor the entrance to any establishment by watching surveillance, keeping up with visitor logs, and even keeping up with the employees in the workplace. One of the biggest hazards for any establishment is having unauthorized individuals enter. The best way to prevent this from happening is by constantly observing and recording who is entering and leaving the establishment.

Administrative Duties

Security guards may also have administrative tasks during their shifts. Security guards can help answer the telephones, transfer calls, and even record messages if needed.

Assist Visitors

Security guards should be able to assist guests and customers entering the establishment. They can relay information to the customers and guests by giving them directions, etc. However, this type of duty is usually seen in hotels, offices, and residential settings.

Final Word

Whether you are thinking about becoming a security guard or hiring one for your business, there are many benefits. Becoming a security guard is a big job for the right person. Additionally, hiring a security guard can do a lot when it comes to keeping your employees and business safe.